Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dixie Cornbread

I have to tell you that I love to cook and cook southern foods. I was taught by both of my grandmas and treasure their recipes. I came across this blog called Southern Plate and could not believe how her recipes are so similiar to mine and they types of foods as well. I found this recipe for Dixie Cornbread and I had to try it. This receipe is so similar to my grandmas, and tastes exactly like hers. If you like cornbread you will love this recipe and its so easy. I even keep bacon grease on hand in a bowl as both of my grandmas as well. As my grandparents would sit down later in the evening with any left over cornbread and add to a tall glass and then pour milk or buttermilk over and would have as a snack.Visit Southern Plate here.
I may even post some of my family receipes. Do you have receipes as no-bake cookies or chocolate gravy? My grandma would prepare chocolate gravy and make homemade biscuits and serve the gravy of the biscuits. So good!! If you are a chocolate lover you would love this, even if you dont have the biscuits lol.

Here is a picture of my cornbread that I fixed this evening, right from the oven.


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Southern Plate said...

Hi Dee! Thank you for mentioning and reading Southern Plate!
I'm so glad you tried that cornbread!! It reminds me of my great grandmothers. My husband had never liked cornbread until I made that recipe! Now he has a raving addiction!!!
Hope you are having a great evening!
Christy :)

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