Friday, May 22, 2009

Computer Blog Issues

I have switched to firefox and have not experienced any problems, just have to get a little bit more familiar with firefox, but so far all is good. Thank you for all of your advice! Have a great weekend and I am planning to have my new cards posted by later this evening.

I justed wanted to let you all know that I am experiencing some blog computer issues. Are any of you experiencing this? I am surprised I am able to type this due to when I visit blogs even my own I keep getting error message that internet explore can not open the site and shuts down completely my internet explorer. Then some blogs I have no problems. This has been going on for 3-4 days. Very aggravating lol. Anyone else experience this?

I am currently working on new digital stamp images from Doodle Palace and they are soooo cute!!! Hoping that I am able to post within the next day or so.

Thank you for visiting my little blog. Have a great weekend!


Stamping with Lulu said...

Dee, I'm having the same problem. Arggghhh!!! Some blogs are fine, others shut me down. Gotta love modern technology!

Sylvia said...

Me too, Dee (same problems with some blogs). I think it's blogger having some problems *grrrr*
ohhhh and yes ... I'm in love with the new Doodle Palace images - especially this little hound dog :) I've managed to create a card with him and I loved colouring him .. he's such a cutie, isn't he (or is it 'she'? *lol*)?!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
{love} Sylvia

Sylvia said...

sorry.. forgot to mention: you will not have these problems with blogger when using a firefox browser! you can download this browser for free (I think firefox is much better then the IE anyway!)

juniejo said...

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sorry to hear you are having some problems, alas you are not alone !!! I have been having the same problems, even sometimes when I try and get into my emails it closes me down !! soo annoying HUGS

jacque4u2c said...

I have been having Mr. Linky issues - it so annoying!!!! Hang in there!

Lorraine A said...

Hi Dee, I use firefox and it has been ok most of the time ! Once or twice I lost my internet connection but I think that was my server problem,,,,
Lorraine x

DeesDivineDesigns said...

Thanks Girls!! You are all so wonderful. I have switched to firefox as my default and have not experienced any problems so far. Thanks for all of the advice.
Have a great Sunday!!

Sunshine said...

I had the same issues with my blog!!

I finally changed to Fire Fox and am happy to report that all the issues are gone! Better yet my pages load faster! It's free, takes about an hour and it will keep all of your old bookmarks!

Cheers from Winnipeg!


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