Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Gift Card Holders

I have finally caught the nasty head cold bug and have been under the weather the last few days and havent been able to do much creating. I saw these cute gift card holders on Catt's Scratching Post today that she had found over on two peas in a bucket and knew I wanted to try to create one. The lovely gift card holder was designed by Kristina Werner. These are so fast and easy to create. Perfect for any ocassion and they do not require much paper/cardstock.
I created this one with light green metallic cardstock that is very thick with christmas paper that I had laying around. Very fun to create. You can also add flowers, embellishments, and ribbon. So many possibilities with these. I had alot of fun creating this one. I was amazed as how fast it was to create. To save time, I would print quite a few templates so that you have them ready to cut.

I hope this cold doesnt last long so I can get back to creating. Time for another hot tea hehehe.

You can visit the instructions here by visiting PDF Gift Card Holder INSRUCTIONS!

You can view Kristina Werner's Gift Card Holders HERE!

You can also see Catt's Gift Card Holders HERE!

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