Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Storm

Wow its good to have electricity. I have not posted due to we were hit with a ice storm. I havent had electricity since Tuesday and just came on today. I am so happy! Tonight its getting down to 0-5 degrees. I believe we had about 4 inches of ice and about 9 inches of snow. We had a tree that fell across our driveway. You could hear trees falling all around me. Very scary sounding. Wednesday was a level 3 snow emergency, which means no one is allowed on the roads unless you are emergency personnel. Yesterday and today we were on level 2. Its getting better. I have heard another storm is coming in possible Monday or Tuesday. I took a few pictures early Wednesday that I wanted to share. I took these all from my front yard. We hate to see the pine trees get this bad, we have lost a few. You can see some power lines in the one photo and this is what it still looks like today.

I hoping to get a few household chores down and would be so great to get to be able to create some cards this weekend. Hoping that the electricity stays on. Thanks for stopping by.
Stay warm.


Allies Creative Designs said...

I'm so glad also that your electricity came back on. Maybe this second storm will pass us by.
Keep safe and warm. Happy Scraping. MOM

Victoria said...

Wow- I'm glad to hear you're okay and the electricity is on! Stay warm!!!! Brrr- it's cold just looking at the photos.

- there is a blog award for you on the stamp blog :)

jacque4u2c said...

Glad you are all are back up and running. Hopefully the next storm will be kind enough to pass us by. Love your blog! So glad I had that extra day off to blog and find all these great bloggers!

Jeannie Phillips said...

I hope that you are all nice and safe!!... the snow is beautiful... Iknow a pain but Alabama this makes us jealous...we only see fluries...and any sticking of 1/8 an inch or more school is out...


does look like our once in a lifteime winter storm of 93..which was scary but the most beautiful think I had ever power for 5 days and more in our area.

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